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Hangin’ Out with My PunkBaby Friends

It’s a big, new world for us. As babies. Especially as PunkBabies! Since we’ve been adopted, it has sure been a fun and wild time (between naps, of course). We are doing our best to stay out of trouble and trying especially hard to stay out of DayCare! The DayCare is okay, but my friends and I have high hopes!

Being a PunkBaby is definitely fun. I have met quite a few exciting and excited friends. We’ve taken family photos in the photo booth and received a class picture with everyone in it. There’s also PUNKBABIES Academy (the roadmap).

What is PunkBabies Academy?

In the Academy, we have all sorts of activities and subjects that we can study. First, we have PunkBaby Records. Here, we can take family photos. In the future, we’ll also get our own unique name and a birth certificate! In PunkBaby Math, we have the DayCare. In the DayCare, there is a NFT20-based liquidity pool with the $DAYCARE20 token. 

Credit @TravisBakonator | Twitter

Future classes and features include PunkBaby Arts, PunkBabies Geography, a Playground, and community events. In PunkBaby Arts class, we will work toward real world clothing, a collaborative art project, as well as a PunkBabies Comic. In PunkBabies Geography, we are looking towards the metaverse with 3D Vox PunkBabies and wearables. The PunkBaby Playground looks to include PunkBaby AR filters and PunkBaby games. Additionally in the Playground, there are two complimentary NFT collections, free for early adopters and at a reduced rate for PunkBaby holders. The PunkBaby Academy is also looking to explore charity collaborations and real world products. PunkBabies looks to hold additional community events following the success of the first US Open Golf DraftKings event.  

Looking forward, through the completion of the PunkBabies Academy, there will be additional mintable items. A graduation photo will combine NFTs collected throughout the course into a commemorative NFT. A report card highlighting details of a PunkBaby and their achievements within PunkBaby Academy will be mintable. Finally, there will be a Yearbook – a gallery showcasing PunkBabies’ memories and achievements within the PunkBabies Academy and metadata will be frozen. We all look forward to graduating with honors!

A Day in the Life of a PunkBaby

A bit about me and a couple of my friends… When we aren’t napping, iApe, CryptoKing23, and I crawl around coming up with things to do. While monkeying around one day, iApe accidentally knocked off my glasses. I was kinda shook up and disoriented. EVERYTHING IS FLAT! I started feeling sick to my stomach and I threw up all over CryptoKing! It was the worst day ever.

He started screaming, “Yak! Yak! Yak!” and ran and got a mask.

iApe started laughing, hopping around with my glasses in his hand, and it made me mad. He said, “Look, steam is coming out of his diaper! MadYak! MadYak!”

CryptoKing was covered in puke and putting on a mask. iApe was hopping from foot to foot waving my glasses, and I started to smile. The smile turned into a chuckle. Then CryptoKing started smiling, but only in his eyes. We couldn’t see his smile because of the mask. iApe gave me back my glasses and we all fell to our backs and began rolling and laughing.

“MadYak,” iApe said, while trying to catch his breath.

That’s how I got the name MadYak. It has stuck with me since that day. I have just embraced it, remembering the absurdity and enjoyment of the time we had and continue to have! Won’t you join us?

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Hi! I am MadYak. One day, my glasses got knocked off, everything looked flat, and it made me throw-up! I’m a baby doing my best to stay out of the Day care.
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