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Let’s Meet THE OGs !

Let’s get down to meeting some of our OG BAYC members who have taken the opportunity that was first offered in the Yacht Club which is building together. Today we are going to talk about 2 important OGs in this space, the first being our host for future write-ups: Tequila and the AR filter king himself MoPeet!

To start I want to focus on Tequila, our host who has started a podcast to familiarize people old and new in this space with some of the members who have contributed to what has been done in this space already and those who want to keep building. Tequila has taken the IP of her ape and made it more than just a PFP by giving her ape life not only on the blockchain but in real life. This is what brings us to our first OG member MoPeet! 

MoPeet has been building in this space for a long time and has become known as the AR filter king and this has allowed many people to bring their apes to life IRL and for some like Tequila has allowed them to show the true persona of who they want their ape to be. Some people may have laughed not so long ago at just the idea of people putting financial faith into the crypto ecosystem let alone building a career with it, but through the story that the community has been building together in the metaverse MoPeet has made a point of bringing it to the real world through many ways, but one really cool way he has is by spending time traveling and visiting other apes. This has allowed MoPeet to develop so many friendships with other members that is truly unique to the community by not waiting for an event to visit his Yacht club family but to go out and build personal relations with other, through this MoPeet is a huge supporter of helping other build in the space and feels it will continue to create more and more opportunities.

Hearing these 2 talk about what they have found within the WEB3 space isn’t like talking to most people nowadays, you have 2 people who have taken a dream and have like many others made that dream become a reality. What the future holds is full of opportunities for everyone in this space and that is a point that gets driven home during this conversation and you can hear that in Tequila’s and MoPeet’s voices as they talk about how inspired they find this space to truly be. If you would like to tune in to the full interview you can find it here:

Tequila Time Podcast via Twitter: https://twitter.com/TequilaTimePod

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