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I am a Slam Ram, And I’m Loving It!

Before I begin talking about Slam Rams, let me first share a little about how I got into the world of NFTs first. I must admit, I am a relative novice when it comes to Non-Fungible Tokens. I was a cryptocurrency investor for significantly longer than I was an NFT investor (or JPEG hunter, as some might say). Anyway, long story short, I’ve now fallen head over heels with NFTs. Not just the amazing 1/1 art pieces, the adorable apes, camels and even eggs, but the utility and perks that each NFT brings. Take a look at VeeFriends for example. Buy a token and get a 3-year admission to VeeCon? Plus, the chance to have a unique experience with Gary Vee himself? Sign me up! Having the opportunity to own unique pieces of art that is not only an excellent store of value but also a great way to store ETH in another asset class, is quite frankly an amazing opportunity to anyone who is interested in this space.

I genuinely believe that because of blockchain technology, NFTs could be the next frontier in asset ownership and even in conducting business. We might be quite a long way off from storing our marriage certificates as NFTs, but if JPEGs of camels and eggs allow us to take the first steps into this new world, then by all means let’s have it!

So that would my brief 2 cents on the world of NFTs and why I’m so optimistic about it. My sentiment, of course, is not merely limited to myself but hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other people around the world. Now that I’ve concluded my little POV about NFTs, let’s get talking about Slam Rams.

Credit: @SlamRams Twitter
Slam Ram based on Elon Musk

I first encountered Slam Rams via a Twitter giveaway. As with most Twitter giveaways that I take part in, I did a little cursory research on the NFT, as well as joined their Discord. What I found was an amazingly supportive community, an awesome team of developers and mods (who are also incredibly friendly and helpful) as well as some pretty awesome ram-themed art, such as a Mobster Ram and a Viking Ram. I got even more invested when I won that Twitter giveaway and received a Police Officer Ram, complete with full uniform and firearm.

So What Are Slam Rams

The Slam Rams are to be a collection of 1,000 unique, 1/1 edition rams. One excellent thing I observed about the developers was that they were extremely open to suggestions and opinions, even taking tips from the members on Discord on designs for the rams. I remember a suggestion being thrown for an “ancient samurai ram” and was pleasantly surprised when I saw it unveiled barely a week later. In my opinion, a receptive founding team is always a good sign when trying to spot a good project.

What is The Pricing Like

The pricing is spelt out in the following categorization:

#1 – #10 Awesome/Rare: 0.05/0.1Eth. Includes 50% discount on 2 future purchases

#11 – #100 Awesome/Rare 0.05/0.1Eth

The prices for the rams are expected to increase with every 100 rams released, which I expect will steadily boost the floor price.

There will also be 1 Ultra Rare ram for every 100 rams released and will only be possible to buy with the Slam Ram utility token, which is an ERC-20 utility token with perks such as voting power, customized Slam Rams, and of course the ability to buy the Ultra Rare Slam Rams. There will be more use cases for the utility token down the road, and I am certain they will be just as exciting!

Credit: @SlamRams Twitter
Slam Ram based on Oprah Winfrey

So What’s in Store for the Future

The thing that excites me the most are 2 words, Ram Wars! Ram Wars is an NFT based online gaming platform under development by Slam Rams. Ram Wars will be situated in the Ethereum blockchain and can be accessed through the Slam Ram Token. Players can battle, collect, raise, and build a Barn Empire for their Slam Rams.

Being a gamer for most of my life, I am extremely excited for this! According to the Slam Ram litepaper, there are also plans for the possibility of token staking and NFT farming to be able to earn even more tokens.

What Else Can I Get from Owning A Slam Ram?

Allow me to share the breakdown of the Reward Distribution Plan taken from the Slam Ram litepaper, as follows.


10% Sold : We will give away 1 Eth to a random Slam Ram holder.

20% Sold : We will give X amount of Slamram tokens to all Slam Ram holders. More tokens will be distributed for holders of rare and ultra rare Slam Rams.

More info about the amounts when the tokenomics has been concluded.

30% Sold : 8 random NFT holders are given a FREE customized Slam Ram and X amount of Slamram tokens through an airdrop.

Holders of Slam Rams with any BAYC accessory will get 1 more ticket for each giveaway draw, from this point in time.

40% Sold : We give away 1 Eth to 2 random Slam Ram holders (Total of 2 Eth). They will also recieve a physical Slam Ram Cap with their own Slam Ram on it.

50% Sold : We celebrate being half way and give 50% on all merchandise in our website merchandise store for a limited period of time. Also physical prints of your own Slam Ram in aluminium or similar will be possible to purchase through the store.

60% Sold : We give away 2 Eth to a random Slam Ram holder, and 1 Eth to 1 random Slam Ram holders (Total of 3 Eth).

70% Sold : 5 random Slam Ram holders will get a physical print of their Ram Slam in aluminium or similar, for FREE.

80% Sold : 5 more random Slam Ram holders will get a physical print of their Ram Slam in aluminium or similar, for FREE.

90% Sold : We are getting close to entering NFT gaming and we will launch special offers for weapons, armors etc.

3 Eth giveaway to a random Slam Ram holder, and 1 eth to 2 random Slam Ram holders (Total of 5 Eth).

100% Sold : All holders of a Slam Ram Ultra Rare will recieve a physical print in aluminium or similar, and will also be airdropped 0.8 Eth each (Total of 8 Eth).


The appeal and aesthetics of the art style, the wonderful community the Slam Rams have amassed on Twitter and Discord, as well as the amazing rewards and plans they have for Slam Ram holders certainly make this an extremely desirable project. Personally, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be holding my Slam Ram for a very long time. If you’re interested to know more about the Slam Rams, follow them on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/SlamRams and join the Slam Rams Discord server! Looking forward to having you as part of the Slam Rams!

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Hailing from Malaysia, Fanboy Ethereum is a Corporate Accountant by day and cryptocurrency/NFT enthusiast by night. Besides writing about crypto, he enjoys reading, playing video games and sharing about Personal Finance on his podcast, Cash Kaw.
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