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Why NFT Communities Breed Positivity

One does not have to look far to find active, welcoming online communities in the NFT space. Where virtual communities for various video games and hobbies fail, somehow comradery sparks in the NFT scene. This phenomenon is only potentially explained by the differences the NFT community as a whole has from other communities.

I have participated in various NFT communities before joining the Cool Cats NFT group, and one thing that I noticed in all of them is that support is plentiful. Almost any question is met with positive, encouraging responses. Those who are reading this article might be thinking, “well yeah, aren’t most people positive and encouraging?” To that, I say, not online. Anonymity breeds hate, as there are little to no repercussions to online hate. But people who own NFTs seem to be the exception to this rule, at least anecdotally. The possible reason for this is interesting.

Think of a good friend. Why are you both friends? If it’s because you share something in common, congratulations. That’s the case for most friends: a common understanding or goal. If you look at the bigger picture, every owner of an NFT has a common understanding that they own a piece of future history, and a common goal in that they want their holdings to appreciate value. Scaring people away from your community with negativity only lowers the value of your own investments. People want to be part of a welcoming community, and the more people who want to be part of a particular NFT community, the more the price of the affiliated NFT goes up.

In communities for competitive video games, everyone shares a similar goal, but not a common goal, and a similar goal is to win, and the reason this goal is not a common goal is to win, one must force the opposing team to lose. This creates an obvious conflict and makes for a good video game, but a bad community. Often this drive to win forces people to become agitated when teammates or enemies make this harder for them. Winning in the NFT scene is achieved by cooperation and inspiration, not competition. That is the key difference.

There is another possible reason for the positivity seen in many NFT communities, and it is more simple. People with enough money to purchase an NFT or invest in cryptocurrency (in general) tend to be adults. It isn’t too far of a stretch, in my opinion, to say that children with money are likely uninterested in speculative investments, and it also isn’t too far of a stretch to say that adults are more likely to be mature, and mature people, are also less “toxic” in online communities, at least most of the time.

If you’re looking for a welcoming, accessible community to take part in, look no further than the Cool Cats NFT Discord. I happened to come across this community by browsing Twitter, and I was instantly welcomed with open arms, despite that I didn’t even own a Cool Cat. This is what convinced me to buy a Cool Cat and become an official member. The true reason I picked this community over others is because of how cute the art is. I found most other NFT projects with accessible low prices to be too masculine in art style. The crypto space is home to many more men than women, and I feel that a balance between the two is important in a long-term stable NFT community.

All in all, joining any popular NFT community is one of the best things an investor can do in the second half of 2021. This is not professional financial advice, but even if you notice that the floor price of your NFT of choice is significantly higher than it was even a few days ago, right now is still a great time to buy. Anyone who becomes part of the larger community now will not regret it in a few years when the community is multiple times the size it is currently.

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